Iron does work

Going to the gym tonight was great. I won’t be hash tagging #gains #fitfam etc etc but I have made gains tonight. These gains are fair more simplistic or perhaps more complicated actually: I’ve got out the house and hooked […]

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Shutter Island

Powerfully unassuming with strong performances from DiCaprio, Kingsley, Williams and Ruffalo in a thinking tale of the mind. Dark, gritty, dramatic mis-en- scene forward the narrative’s dark heart. Flashbacks have a wonderfully theatrical feel and the soundtrack is oddly operatic […]

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Don’t ‘beg it’

This is a natty colloquial term from the mouths of babes; ok maybe some scary secondary school pupils I taught. The concept is simple really- don’t plead or beg for something- you really don’t look or sound good. The approach […]

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YOU are the solution

Great advice from an actor/musician acquaintance of mine, David Marken. We were discussing the audition process and as I had some reservations about an upcoming casting call he stated that it was important for me to perceive myself as a […]

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Radiators or Drains?

Consider the image.  Apply to your colleagues or cast mates. For ages I had sat with those who constantly complained and then encouraged me to go to the pub and complain there! It was difficult disassociating from these particular people […]

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The Curing Room

Stripped Down Productions Pleasance. Edinburgh Fringe. Aug 2014 Physically and emotionally naked; the Curing Room has full frontal nudity from the outset but exposes humanity at its best and worst. Seven prisoners of war are left naked in a cell. […]

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