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As a teacher of 14 years I have had experience as a classroom JSS_7428teacher and as Head of Faculty in a range of schools, most recently at an Ofsted Outstanding Academy in Worcestershire. I am a GCSE Drama moderator and external examiner for components of the OCR examination board. I too have produced and lead workshops for students in a variety of contexts as well as organising and leading extra curricular activities, most recently directing a piece for the National Shakespeare Schools Festival. Commissioned work includes a ‘Victorian History Morning’ for Primary pupils by Solihull Council

So perhaps you need a workshop on mask acting to re inspire your students? Maybe a Street Dance lesson or how about a visit from Alfie – a coal miner, to demonstrate monologue skills?
Why not use drama based activities in a different subject area?
Could a workshop in Brechtian acting techniques provide an alternative method of approach in Science or would a novel in English benefit from Stanislavskian acting methods? Could a visit from a figure from the past provide the perfect opening to a topic in History?

The possibilities become endless!

Packages can include half or full days with brainstorming sessions over the phone or face to face meetings over a cuppa- whatever suits- you’re a teacher I know there aren’t enough hours in the day!
Drop me a line and we can begin to shape material and a workshop to suit you, your curriculum and most importantly your school.

Craig has planned and run NQT training sessions on several occasions for me over the past few years. These have been based around the idea of using drama techniques in any subject lessons. The sessions have always gone so much further than their title “Using Drama as a Teaching Tool” would suggest. Craig has always delivered them as if he was delivering a lesson, including behaviour management and classroom management tips and techniques, especially for activities where pupils are out of their seats and working in groups. In addition, the drama techniques offer a good range of kinaesthetic activities and improve pupil confidence in working in groups and organising themselves. To this end, they have allowed the NQTs to consider how they can help pupils develop their Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) and give opportunities to promote Citizenship ideas, through pupils’ consideration of the perspective of others on a range of ideas, often addressing the SMSC parts of the curriculum.

These sessions have always been very well received by the NQTs and have often led to them being more creative and adventurous in the activities they plan for their lessons. They have also enabled them to be braver, overcoming worries about classroom and behaviour management for group work and provide more freedom and independence in learning in their classrooms.
Sarah Thomas, NQT Induction Co-ordinator, ITT Senior Mentor, Science AST
Woodrush High School

Students are often encouraged to take the lead in their learning and teacher and students work together as a team. For example, in a Year 10 drama lesson, students and their teacher worked together to make last-minute preparations for their public performance of excerpts from The Winter’s Tale, as part of a local Shakespeare festival. Close teamwork and a high degree of commitment and enthusiasm were evident, resulting in students gaining in self-confidence and being proud of their achievement and knowledge of the text.
Ofsted Report Dec 2013 Woodrush Academy. Review of Drama Dept lead by Craig Hall. Observation by Lead Inspector of Craig Hall with Year 10 GCSE drama students:Ofsted grade 1 Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Picture by All rights reserved Woodrush School


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