Teacher Learning and Workshops

As a teacher of 15 years I have had experience as a classroom teacher and as Head of Faculty in a range of schools.

My recent post was Head of Drama at an Ofsted Outstanding Academy in Worcestershire. I am a GCSE Drama moderator and external examiner for components of the OCR examination board. I have produced and lead workshops for teachers in a variety of contexts, particularly Newly Qualified Teachers or those who are new to drama as a teaching tool or discrete subject. As an actor I have performed in contemporary plays such as ‘Our Country’s Good’ to Shakespearean comedies such as ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ so I understand the demands of taking on a role; whether that be on the stage or in the classroom.

For the dramatists…
So perhaps you need a workshop on mask acting to re inspire your knowledge on physical delivery?
Perhaps it’s time to create a new Scheme of Work for Key Stage 4 on Kabuki Theatre?
You need another ‘Creative Type’ to brainstorm ideas?


Why not use drama based activities in a different subject area?
Could a workshop in Brechtian acting techniques provide an alternative method of approach to deliver facts in Geography?
Could exploring an Amazonian tribe unlock ideas to successful planning for a Science Scheme of Work?
Is ‘Good Angel / Bad Angel’ the technique to explore issues of morality in Religious Education?….
What about career development and care?
What about looking after your voice?
How do you sort out a cast of thousands? (In other words tactics for behaviour management)
Are your presentation skills up to standard as a middle or senior leader?
The possibilities become endless!

Packages can include half or full days with brainstorming sessions over the phone or face to face meetings over a cuppa with group leaders- whatever suits- you’re a teacher I know there aren’t enough hours in the day!

Drop me a line and we can begin to shape material and a workshop to suit you, your curriculum, and most importantly your team.


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