The Curing Room

Stripped Down Productions

Pleasance. Edinburgh Fringe. Aug 2014

Physically and emotionally naked; the Curing Room has full frontal nudity from the outset but exposes humanity at its best and worst.

Seven prisoners of war are left naked in a cell.

What then unfolds is a ‘cock fight’ quite literally with men baying for rank and superiority: Captain Nikolov is most awkward with their naked state; Private Georgi Poleko brags of imagined sexual conquests and ‘’Animal Killer’’ Drosov asserts his strength at any given opportunity.

As the men are incarcerated for several weeks they not only have to fight for survival but fight with their dreams, desires and doubts. There is powerful role playing throughout and moments that you can physically sense eyes popping out of their sockets and hear audible gasps of shock and repulsion from the audience; this is not a play for the faint hearted.

Whilst its’ message appears a bleak one of the horror of war and the horror of man; its’ conclusion show the power of redemption and courage of commitment.

One of the bloodiest and gritty plays of the Fringe and one that must be seen. Compelling performances, supported by an imaginative creative team.